ArtCafe Dreams

A few months ago I introduced our ArtCafe Couture Sessions as the first part of our all new ArtCafe Storytelling. I'm very exited to announce the next part, ArtCafe Dreams. These images have been a part of my work for a while now, but only by request. Since I enjoy creating these art pieces so much I've decided to offer them as a regular product.


What are ArtCafe Dreams?

Anything and everything you want them to be! Does your child have the dream of being a superhero, princess, fairy, etc.? Do you have a vision of a magical environment? Is there a story or event that you'd like to recreate in an art piece?



What is a good age for these sessions?

There are no age restrictions at all. We never outgrow our dreams! Everyone has dreams. Everyone has a story to tell. Some may be fun, some may be sad, some may be full of hope and joy and some may just be a little crazy.





Does that sound familiar? It's a daily struggle and art is a great way to work through it.


What is the process of creating an art piece like this?

This is commissioned art and there has to be a plan. It requires many hours of planning, preparing, photographing, creating and editing.

      - we'll meet for a consultation to plan every detail of the session

      - I'll prepare and set up everything for the session itself

      - the session will be photographed at our studio or in an environment that makes sense for the final product

      - I'll create and print the final art piece

Your story is different, it's yours. No two pieces will be the same. I'll put my heart and soul into creating YOUR vision.


What will the final product look like?

Your final image will be available as wall art, either in form of a framed print or framed canvas, starting at a 20 inch size.



Start dreaming!

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